Materials:  Reclaimed white oak, curly maple, padauk, reclaimed leather

Finish:  Shellac with clear topcoat

Standard Size:   11 1/4 L x 7 1/2 W x 6 H


You can fit a lot of craft in a little box. This design features two nesting lift-out trays of curly maple, each with dado corners and inlay of hand-cut white oak “juliennes.” The trays are lined with reclaimed leather and feature a removable divider grid. Each tray bottom is seated in a slip-joint to allow for seasonal movement. Traditional shellac finish brings out the natural chatoyance of the maple striping.


The box lid features a particularly interesting piece of white oak, knotty and ray-flecked, which became its namesake. The picture frame is padauk and curly maple, the latter of which is bookmatched on the underside.


Made largely with hand tools. Custom sizes available. Inquire for pricing.